Report from InfoCOMM 2011 – Ernie Bailey, Univ. of AR

This interview is part of AV-1’s Report from InfoCOMM 2011, in which we ask key industry insiders to share their views on the critical issues ahead. You can contribute your thoughts on this interview in the Comment Area below. AV-1 members may discuss this important topic in greater detail on the AV-1 List.

Ernie Bailey has played a key role in the development of multimedia learning space at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock. He served as chairman for InfoCOMM’s Technology Managers Council and contributes to other key industry councils.

Medical Schools like UAMS regard learning space as more mission-critical than general college classrooms because lectures are often delivered by clinicians who, unlike traditional faculty, come to class once a year to lecture on their particular specialty. If the technology doesn’t happen to work the day that Dr. Spleen comes in to teach his hepatic clearance module, the content may not be covered. Alternatively, if a student misses that day’s lecture, they may be in big trouble.

“You’re always going to have two support teams,” says Bailey, “one for AV and one for IT.” Understanding the culture and nomenclature differences is crucial to coordinating support across domains. “We use a lot of the same terms (switch, switcher, router, etc.),” he notes, “but they have different meanings.” So it is important to make sure that everyone is speaking the same language.

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