New Tools for Your Toolbox?

On August 23rd, at 2 PM the Technology Manager’s Council of InfoComm will hold a quarterly conference call.  This call is particularly interesting because we have invited the Independent Technical Service Providers Council (ITSP) to join us in the call. Several of us in the planning sub-committee had a conference call with them last week and are very excited about how this council can work together with ours.

The council is made up of service providers who are willing to work with institutions directly, rather than through a consulting firm or architectural firm.  Also, they are SERVICE providers rather than equipment providers.  So, have you ever needed a few extra hands to handle those last minute installs in the summer?  This council can point you in the right direction.  Have you ever run into a design process that is a little over your head?  You can directly hire people from this group to help you with that design, without feeling like you are being sold on a particular product.

So, what if you are very interested in joining in on the call, but are not a member of the Tech Manager’s Council?  Well, join the council!  All it takes is a visit to the Tech Manager’s site and fill out the application form.  In addition to being able to take part in the quarterly meeting, you will have access to a large group of your peers for networking.

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