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Below are unsolicited recommendations by peers. They can be viewed along with my LinkedIn profile here (login necessary to see recommendations).


Joe brings great insight and intuition to how best to communicate ideas and facts both as a presenter and through the use of technology. His involvement in the design and teaching at the InfoComm Installation School were keys to its early success. He has a knack for making theoretical information practical and applying it to real world tasks. His knowledge of training, technology and his thoughtful thoroughness make it ever so easy to highly recommend him.

Tim Broderick
Producer, Developer & Trainer
VTV Learning

Joe and I met through the Infocomm International “End Users Council” (as it was known, back then). Getting the Council designation, thanks to Joe’s foresight and leadership, was a critical juncture to advance ProAV applications (i.e. Education, Corporate, Military and Worship vertical markets). Joe’s knowledge, creativity and activism set him apart from the crowd (in my opinion, of course)!
Actually, through council work, critique of public “positions” and impromptu discussions Joe and I have had, we have not always come down on the same side of “issues” at hand. As perhaps is human nature, others may have found such variance to be barrier builders. Not with Joe; he takes *all input* into consideration in seeking an ultimately better solution. His work in establishing AV-1 typifies this.

Greg Bronson
Manager of Integrated AV Engineering
Cornell University

We were in the middle of a major renovation of a large university library. As happens, the draft plans for our progressive and innovative library had become the authoritative guide for the architects and contractors. I had heard of Joe’s expertise and called him right before the renovations had gone too far to make any changes. In rides Joe with his expertise and vision. He completely overhauled the design and capacity of several classrooms to ensure that they would serve present and future generations. After almost 10 years, the classrooms are still up-to-date and able to manage the latest technology innovations. As importantly, Joe’s changes added little cost to the renovation and has saved us from expensive upgrades that commonly occur in high-tech buildings. Joe’s keen eye, his wonderful sense of humor, his skill, expertise and his passion to explore and “imagine the possibilities” make him a joy to work with.

Wallace McLendon
Deputy Director, Health Sciences Library
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

I worked with Joe when we implemented the Pharos print management system in the ITS Labs environment. Joe was a pleasure to work with. He was pragmatic and collaborative and worked hard to find solutions across institutional boundaries. When problems arose he worked together effectively to find solutions and always took ownership for issues in his area.

Craig Hyatt
IT Director Campus Services
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

I think the simplest thing I could start with is to simply Google “Joe Schuch”. He has been active in academic learning space design for many years. He gets the details that others might miss. Spaces at UNC-CH that he designed were showcases for digitally enhanced lecture facilities. He frequently had to come up with creative solutions to problems that others hadn’t encountered yet. Educational Institutions are often more conservative than people realize when it comes to teaching facilities. It is important that the technology not intrude, but support the teaching experience — Joe gets that.

Hal Meeks
Lecture Capture Specialist
North Carolina State University

Joe invented the “standardized” high-end AV classroom used in many college campuses around the country. His understanding of how professors think they want to work versus how they really work is impeccable. His vision for designing a great, simple but powerful AV network in high-education is among the top there is in the ProAV market.

Gary Kayye
Adjunct Faculty
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

I’ve worked with Joe on AV integration projects for many years, and I greatly admire his ability to implement core design concepts and standards while successfully exceeding the clients expectations. In addition, he is a gifted mentor and educator.

John Bailey, CTS-D, CTS-I
Director of Engineering
The Whitlock Group

Background Teaching Documentation Papers Recommendations References
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