Here are answers to our most frequently asked questions…

Q: How do I SUBMIT a message to the AV-1 Forum?
A: Simply address your email message to list@av-1.org.

Q: Is there a quick way to access the AV-1 Forum archive on the WEB?
You bet! Simply browse to http://forum.av-1.org and you can view messages by TOPIC or SUMMARY or SEARCH THIS GROUP.

Q: How can I read forum posts in a NEWSREADER?
A: Using your favorite newsreader (we LOVE Google Reader, btw), you can subscribe to an RSS feed of recent forum activity. This makes it especially easy to use your mobile device (iPhone, Blackberry, Android, or other smartphone) to keep up with discussions while you are on the go. Browse to http://feeds.av-1.org for a cornucopia of RSS feed options.

Q: Who is Keyser Söze?
(Spoiler) He makes coffee cups.

Q: How can I change my subscribed non-gmail email address?
A: Google does not make it easy for Google Groups members to manage their email addresses. You may choose either of these solutions:

Q: How can I participate if English is not my primary language?
A: IF ENGLISH IS NOT YOUR PRIMARY LANGUAGE… you can configure GoogleGroups to automatically TRANSLATE ALL POSTS into your preferred language. Here’s how…

Q: How can my friends join AV-1?
A: Anyone who provides an in-house technical service is welcome to join AV-1. Let your friends know that they can easily register to join the conversation here… http://join.av-1.org

In 2001 we started AV-1 to facilitate dialog across multiple disciplines involved in the planning, design and support of mission-critical learning and communications technologies. Such collaboration contributes to more innovation, greater sustainability and better outcomes, and helps to build an inclusive online community of knowledgeable peer professionals.

We hope that you will find the AV-1 Forum to be a valuable resource in support of your day-to-day work and long-range planning.

What’s needed? What can be improved? Would you like to participate more actively? Please drop us an email (admin@av-1.org) and let us know.


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