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InfoComm Preview (part one)

The InfoComm Experience

Today, the Audio-Visual and Communications industry and, consequently, principals on both the ‘supply’ and ‘demand’ sides of the equation forge partnerships and InfoComm has become the one key event from which sprout the seeds of collaboration and professional development.

Our industry recognizes that better-educated customers make better business partners, consequently, InfoComm workshops and exhibitions offer unrivaled learning opportunities for in-house professionals , like us, who make purchasing decisions every day.

InfoComm should not be missed.

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Deconstructing my X-mas Wish List

J0422514 I was very good this past year. Okay, I was, I though, nice enough to warrant Santa’s visit. Knowing he’s a busy man with not much time on his hands, I sent Santa a letter and asked for just a few small things I felt sure he could handle.

Come Christmas Day, I checked under the tree. Sadly, none of my wishes was honored.

Below is the note I sent Santa. Do you think I asked for too much?

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