AV-1 Insiders Initiative Announced

Since 2001, AV-1 has grown into a global community of thousands of leaders and learners, teachers and techies from more than 500 institutions (K-20, corporate, municipal, and military), all sharing a genuine commitment to measurable success in the art and science of communications and learning technologies.

AV-1 is where we seek guidance and freely share our experiences and our tools, so that our colleagues need not reinvent the wheel. It is the rising tide that lifts all boats.

It is in this vein, and with a dedication to continuing to develop a community of Technology Leaders, that we have developed the AV-1 Insiders initiative. From time to time, our AV-1 Insiders (people just like you) will take the time to share their ideas, frustrations and experiences with you, their peers in the AV-1 Community.

These brief “reports from the field” will be longer than a tweet and shorter than a blog, and are not meant to “break the news” of the day, or provide detailed technical explanations of equipment we use.  Rather, they are meant to make you laugh, learn and share with other people in the same boat as you are.

Don’t forget to visit AV-1.org to see what your peers are thinking, and be sure to comment on the posts and let us know your thoughts. You can also use one of the popular social media tools, listed on the right side of the page, to follow our posts.

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