Report from InfoCOMM 2011 – Crestron

This interview is part of AV-1’s Report from InfoCOMM 2011, in which we ask key industry insiders to share their views on the critical issues ahead. You can contribute your thoughts on this interview in the Comment Area below. AV-1 members may discuss this important topic in greater detail on the AV-1 List.

Over the past decade, Crestron has redefined the traditional boundaries between electronics manufacturers. In 2000, the company embarked on an ambitious course, redefining itself from a manufacturer of control systems to an indomitable provider of integrated presentation systems — systems designed to interconnect and automatically communicate with each other.

Some industry insiders regard Crestron’s re-boot to be the tail that wagged the entire AV industry-dog. As evidence, they point to AMX’s (control system manufacturer) subsequent expansion into signal switching and audio distribution, as well as Extron’s (signal interface and switching manufacturer) development of configurable controls and audio components. If this is the case, then Crestron’s greatest contribution may be their rising tide of innovation that lifts all boats.

John Heffelfinger, Regional Manager at Crestron, noted that Crestron’s all-in-one approach is designed to minimize the potential points of system failure. “Think of it as a single point of fix,” said Heff, “with two products, you basically have an entire classroom.”

What’s your view? Are we seeing the big picture? Leave a reply below or discuss it with fellow AV-1 members on the AV-1 List.

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