Report from InfoCOMM 2011 – Extron

This interview is part of AV-1’s Report from InfoCOMM 2011, in which we ask key industry insiders to share their views on the critical issues ahead. You can contribute your thoughts on this interview in the Comment Area below. AV-1 members may discuss this important topic in greater detail on the AV-1 List.

Technology in learning would not be what it is today without Extron. When computer manufacturers needed a way to display a computer screen image on a 3-beam projector, Extron worked it out… a quarter of a century ago.

But just “working it out” has never been Extron’s style. In addition to designing cutting-edge components that play well with others, the company has amassed the most comprehensive open library of whitepapers and technical briefs serving to demystify the wild array of protocols and topologies that complicate our lives.

For Andrew Edwards, President of Extron, simplification is crucial. Whether it involves accumulating usage statistics to inform future system considerations, delivering reliable systems that enable analog and digital video to co-exist peacefully, or obtaining training and support, Edwards clearly has technology leaders’ interests in mind.

At Extron’s reception, we caught up with Andrew and asked what he thought we should keep in mind when we get up every morning. In an ah-ha moment that resonated around the table, Edwards suggested that one should not have to worry about the technology every morning.

“We should be putting in things that don’t require that much support,” said Edwards, “and when you do need the support, make sure that you’re with a company that you can get the support from.”

What’s your view? Are we seeing the big picture? Leave a reply below or discuss it with fellow AV-1 members on the AV-1 List.

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