Report from InfoCOMM 2011: Audio Visual Resources

This interview is part of AV-1’s Report from InfoCOMM 2011, in which we ask key industry insiders to share their views on the critical issues ahead. You can contribute your thoughts on this interview in the Comment Area below. AV-1 members may discuss this important topic in greater detail on the AV-1 List.

For more than three decades, Mario Maltese has been at the forefront of high-profile audio visual projects in the New York Tri-state area. A recipient of InfoCOMM’s prestigious Educator of the Year award and Fred Dixon Service in Education award, his portfolio includes sound systems for the New York State Assembly and the New York Stock Exchange’s Trading Floor.

Throughout his career, Maltese often observed that merely providing best-designed system was not sufficient to ensure that the owners’ expectations would be met upon project completion. He found that a myriad of variables beyond the control of a typical AV designer’s scope of work could have a cumulative negative impact on the overall success of a project. Some of these variables include contractor substitutions, vague contract language, lack of communication, spotty in-field verification, and inadequate system performance testing (often a consequence of an integrator neglecting to beta test a proposed systems until the on-site installation).

Through his firm, Audio Visual Resources, Maltese and son, James, have pioneered best practices that enable owners to obtain the high-performance technology solution that they expect. Their findings are outlined in the new proposed ANSI standard, AV9000. This year, Cisco adopted AV9000 as the core of its auditable quality management system on all Cisco TelePresence projects.

See also Association for Quality in AV Technology (AQAV)

What’s your experience with quality control and meeting project expectations? Leave a reply below or discuss it with fellow AV-1 members on the AV-1 List.

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