AV Technology Mag: Lifecycle Planning with Ernie Bailey

Ernie Adams (no relation to Ernie Bailey) as Toothpick Charlie (purveyor of another type of "lifecycle business"), from BRENDA STARR, REPORTER (Columbia, 1945) Long-time AV-1er, Ernie Bailey, is Director of AV Services at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. He recently completed his term as chair of InfoComm's Technology Managers Council and, with all that free time no doubt, penned an excellent article for AV Technology Magazine in which he details key steps to successful, long-term, lifecycle planning.

He begins with a parable:

There was a monastery in Greece that was built on top of a very steep precipice. The only access was by a basket on a long rope, pulled by a monk on top. A visitor riding up to the top looked at the aged rope and asked his host how often the rope was replaced. The monk thought a moment and then replied, “I guess whenever it breaks.”

Bailey notes that many technology managers take the monk’s approach to maintaining presentation systems. There is no planning for the future, but instead an expectation for the equipment and systems to last forever.

Does this sound familiar?

Schools, government institutions, industries, and large corporations all have disaster recovery plans in the event of an emergency. An AV disaster may be avoided by having a systematic plan in place to replace components before failure.

A defined plan, reviewed and updated regularly, will go a long way toward achieving and maintaining a professional presentation facility that can be counted on to work when needed. Click here to read the full article at AV Technology Online.

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